Why Meredith?

Why would I create a fan site for Meredith you ask? My reasons are that I feel connected to her. Meredith is calm, collected and sarcastic, and I am pretty much the same. I feel that we share many of the same characteristics and quirks. While most readers feel a connection with the main character(s) of The Vampire Diaries, I've always felt more affinity with Meredith than with Elena, Stefan or Damon. Every time I've read the series and there is a scene with Meredith being quiet and listening and analyzing the situation, I would sit there and think back to spending time with my two best friends and listening to what they were saying and analyze their plans to get this guy and that guy and help them plan it out without any mistakes or risks. Also a few other reasons are our physical similarities such as our dark hair and dark eyes and Meredith's olive complexion to my naturally tanned skin. Although the height factor is something that I don't possess as I am 5'6"-5'7" and I picture Meredith at around 5'9"-5'10". I also believe that Meredith is an overlooked character in the series. She is always there, but is never really acknowledged. I feel the same when I am around my friends as well. I'm known as the reliable and responsible one to my friend's parents.
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