Site FAQ

Why Elusive Truth?
Well I was thinking of al the cool names that others give their characters shrines and then I looked at the names that I give my sites and was like 'must think of cool name'. Originally the name was Hidden Truth as Meredith seems to always know what is going on, but then Hidden sounded rather boring so I brought out the old thesaurus and found Elusive and thought about it for a day or so and finally was happy with 'Elusive Truth'.
Can I use part of your site for mine?
Sorry but no. I worked hard on this site, information and graphics and all. If you would like to possibly quote something then please email me before you do so.
Can I link this site?
Absolutely! I appreciate any links to this site. Just go to the links in/out section and grab a button or banner or even use a text link.
Will you be adding more to this site?
Possibly in the future especially after I receive Dark Reunion and give that a read. But small updates will be made around the site periodically.
Will you be affiliates/sisters with my site?
Sure, but I would prefer to be affiliates with L.J. Smith character shrines or L.J. Smith sites. Send me an email with your site's URL and mention that you want to be affiliates with Elusive Truth and I'll get back to you. Email me at contact(at)