Her Relationships

Although Meredith is a supporting character she does interact with many of the other characters in the story. Be warned that there are spoilers here and also I added Alaric Saltzman, Ed Goff and Michael Martin to this section as well as the romance section.

Elena Gilbert
Elena along with Bonnie are Meredith's best friends. They've been friends since they were in elementary school. Elena has always been the Queen of the school, she's been the most popular girl in school for what seems her entire life. Meredith is the only one who believed that Elena was still alive when speaking at Elena's funeral about having fun at debate club meetings at Elena's house on Thursdays when they actually used to be held on Wednesdays in Meredith's room. And how they were a hated thing for Meredith and Elena, enough so that they ended up quitting debate.
Bonnie McCullough
Bonnie along with Elena are Meredith's best friends. They've been friends since they were in elementary school. Bonnie is a part of Elena's 'royal court' so to speak, she and Meredith are closest to Elena though, they've been with her since elementary school. Bonnie is the cute little red-head who is descended from the Druids and according to her grandmother has psychic abilities. She is the one who read Elena's palm and said that she would meet a tall, dark stranger who is not tall anymore but used to be.
Caroline Forbes
Caroline, Bonnie, Elena and Meredith were best friends until their senior year of high school when Caroline broke the friendship and tried to overthrow Elena make herself the Queen of Robert E. Lee High School. When they were still friends Meredith gave Caroline a stuffed poodle plush for her 10th birthday, which Caroline still had in her room as Meredith, Elena and Bonnie found out when they raided Caroline's house looking for Elena's diary.
Matt Honeycutt
Matt is the boy next door, he was Elena's last boyfriend before Stefan. He is a good friend to the girls and Stefan. Matt is always looking out for Elena, Bonnie and Meredith just like they are looking out for each other. Matt and Meredith are just friends, who also care about Elena's well-being.
Stefan Salvatore
There isn't too much between Stefan and Meredith asides from Elena. I do think that they could have had a really good friendship if Stefan had stayed in Fell's Church after Elena's death in The Fury or if their relationship had more of a basis than just Elena.
Damon Salvatore
There is no real interaction between Damon and Meredith asides from the fact that she was the only female in Fell's Church it seemed, who was not lured in by Damon's charm and good looks.
Alaric Saltzman
After Mr. Tanner was killed, Alaric Saltzman came to Fell's Church to teach their European history class. We don't see much interaction with Alaric and Meredith in school, but at Alaric's party when Elena is in Alaric's attic with Damon, Stefan and Bonnie, we start to see more of Alaric and Meredith. It started with Meredith seeing through Alaric's cover as a history teacher and seeing him for who he was, a psychologist who specialized in psychic powers. She brought him into the attic to help Elena save the town from the Other Power. It is then after the party that they go to the high school to save everyone at the Winter Dance from the Other Power. They are in the history classroom, which is now Alaric's classroom and are planning and patrolling the school throughout the night. Alaric is sitting at his desk and Meredith is sitting on the desk beside him and we can feel something happening between them.
Ed Goff
Ed was Meredith's date to the Homecoming dance. We didn't really learn much about him as we only knew him at the dance. He seemed helpful in trying to find Elena, by staying at the dance with Bonnie's date, Raymond Hernandez, just in case Elena came back.
Michael Martin
The infamous Michael Martin who was only mentioned in the beginning of The Awakening when Elena chose Stefan as her new conquest. Meredith makes mention of him when Bonnie makes the comment about how good looking Stefan is and that maybe she would try and go out with him. Meredith reminds her of Michael Martin when they are making the promise to leave Stefan to Elena, from which I assume that Michael Martin was either Elena or Meredith's next conquest in the past and Bonnie ended up stealing him away.