The Mighty Oak

The oak is a common tree to North America, and is regarded as a very powerful tree as it's roots reach deep down into the earth(underworld) and jupiterhigh up in the sky above(heavens). In history and myth the oak has played an important role such as in the legend of King Arthur. The legendary Round Table of King Arthur was made from a single slab of an oak tree. It was primarily used to build doorways, doors, wands, crosses and staffs. The Oak is known as the King of Trees and is connected with the lightning gods such as acornThor, Jupiter and Zeus to name a few. Jupiter consequently is the oak's ruling planet. Jupiter was the King of the Roman Gods and resided over lightning and the heavens. The planet Jupiter itself is plagued with thunderstorms throughout. The infamous 'red spot' on Jupiter is a massive thunderstorm. Jupiter's Grecian counterpart was Zeus, King of the Gods and god of lightning and the sky. Some people believed that by placing an acorn or a piece of oak wood on your window sill would protect you from lightning coming into your home as the lightning is attracted to the oak and the oak would absorb the lightning.

It is said that listening to the oak leaves rustling held prophetic messages, while having ceremonies with oak wood burning gave strength, protection,zeus success and stability. The oak speaks of that which is hidden and looking below the surface to see the underlying influences that are affecting the situation and to look at the core issue and that is where the answer lies. People associated with the oak are self-motivated, determined, responsible and enthusiastic. They are natural leaders and remain calm ad collected in a crisis and are not easily swayed by opposition. While they are serious minded individuals they are very cheerful and optimistic and do not surrender easily. Oak people learn by doing and with hands on experience in a situation they believe in accumulating your wisdom, or collecting your acorns but not forgetting to share.

thor The oaks related colours are brown and dark brown. Brown is the colour of the earth, evoking melancholy or wistfulness. Dark brown is reminiscent of fine leather and wood. Brown symbolizes home, friendship, animal magic, herbal magic, grounding, the Earth and the direction of North. In the Hindu belief brown represents the energy in the feet.