Colours of the Sea

There are three main colours that I relate Meredith to, they are blue, purple and indigo. Brown has been added as it is a colour related to the oak. There are other colours that do relate to her, but these are my top three choices.

Violet or purple is symbolic of power, passionate belief, visionary leadership, respect, wealth, success, wisdom, independence, psychic ability and spiritual growth. Purple was generally worn by emperors, royalty, military commanders, and other high-ranking officials. amethystLavender is a fashion favourite while darker purple implies wealth. In the Hindu belief purple is the colour of the crown chakra. The word purple comes from the Greek porphura which is a species of shellfish that yielded, through an elaborate process, the dye commonly known as Tyrian Purple. Violet's herbs are lotus, rose, spruce and olibanum, while it's related gemstones are alexandrite, amethyst, clear quartz, diamond and selenite. Violet's associated element is thought.

Blue is known as the most calming colour and next to red is the most powerful colour. Blue is the colour of faith and constancy, as well as the colour of the heavens and the oceans. Painters used blue for the Virgin Mary's robes as well as the sky and sea. The cooling blue stands for truth, sleep, hope, friendship, protection, calm, sapphirecreativity, patience, wisdom, peace, loyalty, sensitivity and ones desire to nurture. In heraldry symbolism, blue is called azure and signifies sincerity and piety, so that the opposition would not kill or harm the other army's herald. In Hindu belief blue represents the throat chakra. Gemstones related to blue are aquamarine, blue sapphires, chalcedony and turquoise while the herbs associated with blue are sage, benzoic, eucalyptus and frankincense. Blue's element is Ether, which is also known as the 'fifth' element and is also an anaesthetic, while blue's sense is sound.

Indigo indicates tranquility, higher intuition, psychic powers, trustworthiness and dignity. lapis lazuliIndigo does share the calming effects of blue but being darker the effect is more powerful and intense. Indigo also shares traits of violet as well; it provides coolness and calm without cooling your intentions. Indigo is the colour of the third eye chakra also known as the base of psychic power. Indigo's element is light while it's gems are azurite, lapis lazuli, sodalite and quartz while the related herbs are jasmine, mint, star anise and mugwort.

Brown is the colour of the earth, evoking melancholy or wistfulness. Dark brown is reminiscent of fine leather and wood. Brown symbolizes home, friendship, animal magic, herbal magic, grounding, the Earth and the direction of North. In the Hindu belief brown represents the energy in the feet.