Welcome to Elusive Truth a character shrine and fanlisting for Meredith Sulez of Lisa Jane Smith's The Vampire Diaries. Elusive Truth is a site for those who have read The Vampire Diaries and are interested in learning more. Also just so all visitors know, this site is based on the first three The Vampire Diaries books as I have yet to read Dark Reunion fully through more than once. As well this site will not be about the new CW The Vampire Diaries TV series, as Meredith's true/original character has been cut from the show. Please use the menu above to navigate the site.

Listed at Yggdrasil, LJS Directory, and Midnight Sun.

SITE UPDATED : May 10, 2012
Added more information regarding CW's new The Vampire Diaries TV pilot and Meredith's place in it.